Defence Systems - VRAC-NBC

SPA VRAC-NBC Contaminated Area Reconnaisance Vehicle

SPA VRAC-NBC is a mobile laboratory for Contaminated Area Reconnaisance, fully instrumentated for nuclear, chemical and biological agent detection. Currently, Spanish Army has four operative vechicles in its NBQR-1 Regiment.

HV Sistemas developed the ADS software, designed for the integration in the operator site inside the vehicle of all the data incoming from the vehicle sensors and instruments, and also supplied several measuring and supply conditioning equipment, as for example H8307 pressure difference sensors. HV Sistemas also participated during vehicle manufacturing in the system integration and comissioning tasks, and also in the maintenance and support task of the existing vehicles.

HV Sistemas has also participated in the development and impantation of the VRAC-NBC Vehicle Simulator, SIMUVRAC.

Final Customer : Ministry of Defense, Spain

Main Contractor : Servicios y Proyectos Avanzados, S.A.



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