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SPA-208 y SPA-218 NBC Automated Meteorological Stations

SPA-208 y SPA-218 meteorological stations are rugged portable meteorological stations designed for usage in harsh environments as found in NBC applications. All its component are designed according to AEP-7 (STANAG 4521) standard, taking into account all specific requisites for a NBC environment. Its design also takes into account MIL-STD 810E standard for protection to agressive agents, and MIL-STD 461E EMI/RFI protection standard.

These stations embed a data adquisition system, based in an embedded computer running Windows CE operating system, supplied by HV Sistemas. HV Sistemas also developed for SPA the station software application, as well as the power supply control subsystem.

Final Customer : Ministry of Defense, Spain

Main Contractor: Servicios y Proyectos Avanzados, S.A.


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