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Sensitron SR-325 SODAR System Updgrade

HV Sistemas has performed the upgrading of the Sensitron SR-325 SODAR system owned by the Spanish Met Office. This system, manufactured by the extinct swedish Sensitron company, was a monostatic tridimensional acoustic wind profiled, manufactured over twenty years ago, with fixed pulse frequency and analog signal processing. The upgrading included a new software for signal generation, analysis and data processing, based on digital signal processing techniques, using the original antenna system.

The resulting equipment is a tridimensional monostatic SODAR system with multifrequency capabilities, capable of measuring wind profiles up to 1250m in 25m layers.

HV Sistemas also developed for this system a new software for wind shear calculation, according to ICAO normatives por airports, and also the radio based data transmission using P9802 modems.

Cliente Final: Spanish Met Office

Main Contractor : AFC Ingenieros, S.A.


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