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SPA-SIMUVRAC Simulator for Contaminated Area Reconnaisance Vehicle

The SIMUVRAC project, being realized by the SPA company for the Spanish Ministry of Defense, consist in the development and implantation of a training simulator for VRAC-NBC Contaminated Area Reconnaisance Vehicle crew.

HV Sistemas is actively participating in this project, and has developed the different instrument emulators. These emulators, that are identical from the operator point of view to the real equipment used in the vehicle, in apparience and in operation, has been completely developed and manufactured by HV Sistemas, using original equipment enclosures when it has been possible.

All the emulators in the system incorporate a Coldfire-based common processor, running uClinux, enables the emulator to receive scenario information and transmits it operating status through an ethernet local area network.

The emulators not only present to the operator the operating characteristics of the real equipment, but also are capable to simulate equipment failures under supervisor control, in order to also train operators for equipment malfunction.

HV Sistemas also participates in simulator installation and comissioning tasks, now in process, and also has supplied accessory equipment as, for example, H8307 pressure difference sensors and H8402 DC/DC converters, and also has performed the adaptation of the ADS software for the special requirements in the simulator.

Final Customer : Ministry of Defense, Spain

Main Contractor: Servicios y Proyectos Avanzados, S.A.

Some of the equipment specifically developed for this project by HV Sistemas can be seen below:


H8501-EMET - Emulator for EBLV Meteorological Sensor

H8501-EM90 - M90 Chemical Agents Detector Emulator

1 H8501-EMET unit simulates the EBLV meteorological sensor including its external soil temperature probe. It is built in an enclosure similar to the one used for the H8210 meteorologic sensor interface, and provides the complete sensor functionality.

5H8501-EM90 is a simulator for the Environics M90 chemical agents detector. It is built in the original enclosure, supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, and simulates all the equipment functionalities including visual and acoustic alerts, and also in its communications with ADS software.

H8501-EGID - GID-3 Chemical Agents Detector Emulator

H8501-ENAV - TACNAV Navigation System Emulator
2 H8501-EGID is a simulator for the Grasseby GID-3 chemical agents detector. This simulator has been completely developed and manufactured by HV Sistemas, completely simulating original equipment operation including visual an acoustic indications, self-cleaning processes, and communication with ADS software.
6TACNAV system, manufactured by KVH Industries, is a tactical navigation system to be used along with a Rockwell-Collins PLGR/96 GPS receiver. HV Sistemas has completely developed this simulator, using the displays provided by the original equipment manufacturer. This emulator provides full functionality simulation, from the operator point of view and also from the ADS software point of view.
H8501-EGPS -PLGR/96 GPS Receiver Emulator
H8501-ERAQ - RAPID Remote Chemical Agent Detector Emulator
3 H8501-EGPS is a simulator for the Rockwell-Collins PLGR/96 GPS receiver. It has been built using the original equipment enclosure, and it has the complete equipment functionality from the operator point of view, enabling the user to enter navigation routes with intermediate way points. It has been designed to communicate with H8501-ENAV TACNAV simulator, providing it all the necessary position and navigation information.
8This equipment simulates the behaviour of the Bruker-Daltonik RAPID remote chemical agents detector, providing the operator the same functionalities that the original equipment, including simulated response to the original-supplied agents libraries. Since this equipment is located outside the vehicle, and does not require direct operator intervention, the simulator does not need to have the same physical appearance as the real equipment.
H8501-EHAP - Hapsite Portable Mass Spetrometer Emulator
H8501-ESVG - SVG2 Radioactivity Detector Emulator
4Hapsite, manufactured by Inficon, is a portable mass spectrometer that has found wide usage in NBC applications. H8501-EHAP Hapsite emulator has been built using the original enclosure, supplied by the manufacturer, and shows to the operator the same behaviour and functionalities of the original equipment in the PC controlled operated mode without chromatographic column (MS-only mode).
9H8501-ESVG is a simulator for the Brukerr-Daltonik SVG2 radioactivity detector. It provides the same functionalities of the original equipment, including the same displays and menu structures, and operation with external probes. It has been built in the original enclosure, provided by the manufacturer, with the same display and keyboard.
H8501-ERAB - R.A.P.I.D. Biological Agents Detector Emulator
7 H8501-ERAB is a simulator por the pathogen agent detector R.A.P.I.D., manufactured by Idaho Technology. This simulator has been developed using a transport case, manufactured by SPA, with similar appearance to the original one. Using an identified set of simulated samples and possitive and negative control samples, provides the operator a similar functionality to the original equipment during the thermocycling and pathogen identification processes.


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