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HV Sistemas has been selected by Jena-Optronik GmbH for the design, development, manufacture and delivery of the Sentinel-3 SLSTR OME EGSEs, that are being used during the manufacture, assembly and integration of the Opto-Mechanical Enclosure (STM, EM and PFM models), part of the satellite Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer. Two EGSE units has been delivered, one for EM/PFM model testing, and a second with additional STM testing capabilities.

These ground support equipment provides the following functionalities:

- Nominal and Redundant SpaceWire interfaces for OME TC and OME TM and Science Data Acquisition

- SBDL ML16 interface for BBEU TC

- SBDL DS16 interfaces for TAEO and BBEU TM acquistion

- Programmable frequencies and duty cycles 2x3-channel synchronism generator (LVDS)

- Power supply modules for OME electronics

- Power supply modules for OME operational and survival heaters

- Power supply modules for OME black-body heaters

- 80-channel 4-wire precision thermistor data acquisition unit

- Additional heater power supplies for STM testing

All EGSE functionalities are controlled through an internal Ethernet LAN. A total of 50 HV Sistemas H8810 power supply modules are controlled and monitored through a CAN bus, using CANopen protocol. An incorporated high performance workstation, complete with a graphical MMI, controls all EGSE functionalities and performs EGSE TM, OME TM and Science Data acquisition. The MMI implements an Ethernet protocol to enable remote commanding and monitoring of the EGSE.

Synchronism Generator and SBDL ML16/DS16 serial interfaces has been custom developed for this project, and are based in a control unit incorporating an HV Sistemas H8606 embedded processor, running uClinux and complete with a graphical touch-screen based user interface for local monitoring and management.

Customer: Jena-Optronik GmbH

Main Contractor : ESA - European Space Agency

Sentinel-3 satellite is an ESA project included in the GMES initiative, with funding by the European Union


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