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SEOSAR/PAZ Instrument Power EGSE

The SEOSAR/PAZ Power EGSEs are units designed, developed and manufactured by HV Sistemas for Astrium - EADS CASA Espacio, providing support during the satellite Instrument Front-End assembly, integration and test phases.

The Power EGSEs integrates an EM-model AC inverter, and provides the following functionalities:

- AC Power Supply to the Instrument PSUs, incorporating full inverter control, monitoring and protection functionalities

- HPOO signal generation for activating/deactivating the different PSUs

- PSU HK analog TMs acquisition (voltages and temperatures)

- Heaters DC power supplies for operational heaters and for thermal model heaters

- 24 additional precision 4-wire Pt1000 sensor data acquisition channels

- Remote control and monitoring of the EGSE from the Central Checkout System, through Ethernet Interface

This EGSE has been designed for providing power to the PSU units during the assembly and testing phases of the satellite panels and leafs, both EM and PFM models.

All Power EGSE subsystems communicates with a workstation in the EGSE rack using Ethernet or serial interfaces. Power EGSE subsystems are composed by several modules and units, both commercial and custom-designed, which communicates with a controller module through a CAN bus, using CANopen protocol. The workstation communicates with the Central Checkout System through a separate Ethernet interface.

The control modules incorporate each a HV Sistemas H8606 embedded processor, running uClinux, and complete with a graphical touch-screen based user interface for local monitoring and management.

Customer: Astrium - EADS CASA Espacio



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