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SEOSAR PAZ Front End Simulator SCOE

SEOSAR/PAZ Instrument Front-End Simulator SCOE

HV Sistemas has designed, developed, manufactured and delivered the SEOSAR/PAZ Front End Simulator to Astrium - EADS CASA Espacio. This is an SCOE used to simulate the satellite Instrument Front-End (ACE/RTU and IPDU subsystems) during the platform assembly, integration and testing tasks.

The Front-End Simulator provides the following functionalities:

- ACE/RTU Simulation, for nominal and redundan units, including acquisition and generation of HPOO digital signals, and PUS data communication with the satellite Central Electronics Unit.

- PCU load simulation, including over and undervoltage detection and protection mechanism timing simulation

- IPDU simulation, including power consumption simulation as function of the operational status and nominal/redundant AC inverters configuration.

- Heaters simulation

- Voltage, current and temperature HKs simulation

- Remote control and monitoring of the Simulator from SCOS-2000 mission control system software through an Ethernet interface

This EGSE provides simulation of the SEOSAR/PAZ Instrument Front-End to the satellite Central Electronics Unit, from an interfaces point of view (analog and digital TM/TC, power and data), and is designed to provide support during the satellite platform integration and test phases.

All FES subsystems communicates with a workstation in the EGSE rack using Ethernet interfaces. FES subsystems are composed by several modules and units, both commercial and custom-designed, which communicates with two controller modules through a CAN bus, using CANopen and custom protocols. The workstation communicates with the Mission Control Software through a separate Ethernet interface.

EGSE subsystem control modules incorporate each a HV Sistemas H8606 embedded processor, running uClinux, and complete with a graphical touch-screen based user interface for local monitoring and management.

Customer: Astrium - EADS CASA Espacio

SEOSAR-PAZ Front End Simulator SCOE


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