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SPA NF-1000 1000-litre Fuel Tank Test Case

This aeronautic ground equipment, manufactured by the SPA company, is intended for use during the 1000-litre aircraft external tanks test processes, and can be adapted to different tank models. It enables the user to perform, in an automatized manner, the refuelling, pressurization and leakage tests for the tank, as well as the functional verification of several tank internal elements.

This test case has been tested with the Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon combat aircraft 1000-litre Supersonic Fuel Tank, obtaining DDP 1 classification. HV Sistemas provides for SPA some of the data adquisition electronics (H8207 signal conditioning modules) and also developed the control and adquisition software, using a touch screen based user interface.

HV Sistemas also participates along with SPA in the comissioning of these carts, and in the user training and post-sales support.

Final Customer: EADS-CASA

Main Contractor: Servicios y Proyectos Avanzados, S.A.


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