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SPA EDAM-708 / ECAM-708 NBC Alert Network

EDAM-708 remote stations and ECAM-708 central site form a NBC Monitoring and Alert Network, manufactured by the SPA company.

Remote Station EDAM-708 integrates equipment for the continuous monitoring of chemical aggressived, radiactivity and meteorological variables, as well as a GPS receiver. The station also includes an embedded computer, running Windows CE operating system, with touch screen, and data and alarm transmission to the Central Site is done using a Motorola GM-340 radio and a HV Sistemas P9907 modem.

ECAM-708 Central Site includes an industrial-grade PC computer, running Windows 2000 operating system, and also incorporates a radio and modem set, similar to those in the remote stations. The central site software can simultaneously manage up to 16 remote stations, polling them at user selected periodic interval and logging the received measurement data and alert conditions

HV Sistemas developed for SPA the software running in both central site and remote stations, and also participates in the manufacturing, installation and comissioning of these stations. HV Sistemas also provides the embedded computer, radiocommunication system, GPS receiver and several power supply sub-systems.

Final Customer : Ministry of Defense, Spain

Main Contractor : Servicios y Proyectos Avanzados, S.A.


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