Custom Solutions - Multi-Repeater Controller

Multirepeater Control System for Motorola MTR-2000

This system was specifically developed for Seville City Council Local Police, and enables the remote control of the repeater system in use by that entity.

The repeater system is composed by seven main repeaters and one reserve one, all of them being Motorola MTR-2000. The control site can activate or deactivate any of the repeaters through the HV Sistemas P8201 Remote Control Unit. Additionaly, the operating status of each repeater can be remotely monitored.

Communications with the central site, where a computer runs the control software also developed by HV Sistemas, is done using HV Sistemas P9802 modems and Motorola GM-340 radios.

Final Customer : Seville City Council
Main Contractor : Telcom S.A.
HV Sistemas is acredited as Motorola Application Partner for Professional 2-Way Radio Products in the EMEA zone
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