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Control Board for Agor-Contagor Rotative Printing Equipment

Agor S.L. is a Madrid (Spain) based company with a worldwide distribution network, specialized in high quality printing equipment manufacturing.

HV Sistemas developed for Agor S.L. the electronic control board and embedded software used in Agor Contagor 470, PHS460 and PHS500 rotative printing equipments.

Model Contagor 470 is a rotary machine for numbering, perforating, microperforating, slitting, scoring and photopolymer printing. PHS460 and PHS560 models are high productivity rotary blow and vacuum air feeding machines for high speed perforating, microperforating, scoring, slitting and ink jet printing.

Currently, HV Sistemas manufactures this control board for Agor S.L., providing also post-sales service and support.

Customer: Agor, S.L.

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