Radiocommunication Products - P8503

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Radiomodem for 868/869MHz License-Free Band

P8503 is a fully integrated radiomodem, operating in the license-free 868/869MHz band, with a 0.5W maximum output power.

It uses GFSK modulation, with a maximum data trhoughput of 19200bps over radio, and its communication protocol enables it to be used in point-to-point or multipoint applications. It incorporates FEC (fordward error correction), and also optionally an ARQ protocol, to guarantee error-free data transmission.

Its output power and outstanding sensitivity and selectivity makes it very adequate for those data transmission applications withing a 5Km or more range, as por example remote control and supervision, telesignalling or telealarms.

It can be supplied with RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 data interfaces, and it is compatible with a vast majority of programmable logic controllers.

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